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Welcome to Toonkleur

Toonkleur is made up of a selection of video artworks, music and writings that I have created. Originating from my passion for creating beautiful images and sounds. Sounds and colours that I’d love to show.

Creating beauty and beautiful images and sounds is what gives me satisfaction. After decades of filming, painting, writing and making music, since December 2013, I now work professionally as a video artist.

Nature and people are the biggest sources of inspiration for me. The video art that comes out of it is artwork that can be enjoyed leisurely. The video artworks can be applied to a multitude of places. Besides exhibitions, it is also suitable as decor in the theatre. The more slow video-works are almost like paintings. These video paintings are especially suitable for display in a hotel, waiting room, shop or at home on the TV.

Recent work is available for sale or rent. Please see the shop for details. Many older works are freely available and can be found in the Library.

This is a trailer with video art made from 2014 until 2020.



Please find below an overview of what you’ll find on this site.


Movies until 2017

Most of the work that can be found on this page is made in 2015 and 2016. Alongside that, there are a number of special, older videos.


Inkt in Water (Ink in Water)

In the autumn of 2015 I developed a method to film ink in water. From there I created the work ‘Inkt’ (‘Ink’), which can be found in the Web shop. Impressed by the spectacular images that I created in front of my lens, I decided to continue this work in the winter months. Through variations in speed and bringing the work in a spherical shape I managed to create several special artworks. Sometimes looking like an abstract painting with barely perceptible change or drifting like a planet in space. See ‘Inkt in Water’ (‘Ink in Water’)– a 2 minute trailer and explanation – for an impression of these works.


In the Library you will find music, scores, lyrics and films which can be downloaded for free. My permission is required for commercial use and sometimes also appropriate compensation. The library contains 40 songs; light music that I often wrote and performed with the music group Kwartz. You can listen to and download the music as well as the scores and lyrics. The lyrics are written in both Dutch and English, and occasionally in French. You can also find 30 videos in the library. Around half the songs and videos are from the shows Oud Mooi and Ons Land (Old Beauy/Nicety and Our Country)



Video concerts are projections on a big screen, for example 3 x 4 m, with live music.

De Klank van Water (The Sound of Water) is a video concert with organist Gijs van Schoonhoven and will be held in churches. The video concert premiered on the 23th of January 2016 in de Grote Kerk in Enschede in the Netherlands. Next videoconcert is August 25th, Gudula church, Lochem, the Netherlands.


Universe Suite

Universe Suite is a videoconcert with I developed with the Czech composer / guitarist David Wurczel.



Video artist Ewout van Roon from The Netherlands project films on sculptures of Larissa Lae from Bonn.



Documents in English

Summary list films: download

Flyer about my work: download

Flyer videoconcert Universe Suite: download



I’d love to hear from you, how you find my work. I hope you will enjoy my paintings and music and that they will brighten up your life.

Eefde, June 2020


More information:

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The Netherlands